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Houston Divorce & Family Law Attorney Richard J. Tholstrup

The Tholstrup Law Firm, L.P.

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Family Law Lawyer Richard J. Tholstrup

"You have worked hard for what you have. As Divorce and Family Law Attorneys, we work hard to protect your rights to your children and your property. We do not forget that your opinion of our performance as your Divorce or Family Law Attorney is paramount."

 - Richard J. Tholstrup
Divorce and Family Law Attorney
Houston, Texas

10 Rules for Winning at Divorce in Texas!


Richard J. Tholstrup is a Houston, Texas Divorce Lawyer at The Tholstrup Law Firm, L.P. dedicated to the practice of Divorce and Family Law. Our practice encompasses Divorce and Family cases from uncontested matters to full jury trials involving complex property division and/or contested child custody in the Houston, Texas area, including Harris and contiguous counties of Fort Bend and Montgomery.

The hallmark of our Divorce and Family Law practice is providing top quality legal services and in being intensely responsive to our clients and potential clients. The divorce lawyers and staff in our office are all well equipped and available to provide answers to your Divorce and Family Law questions when you need those answers quickly, either by telephone or e-mail. Office consultations can usually be accommodated on an expedited basis for our Divorce or Family Law clients.

We understand that Divorce and Family Law matters can be highly stressful or emotional, and that the people involved need relief quickly. Call us today. We will take the time to understand your Divorce or Family Law matter and give you an assessment of the law as it pertains to your case and explain your options.



Houston Divorce Lawyers

Richard J. Tholstrup

Bar Admissions
• State Bar of Texas
• U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

• University of Houston
• J.D., Phi Delta Phi
• University of Kansas
• B.S. Chemical Engineering
• With Highest Honors
• Tau Beta Pi
• Phi Lambda Upsilon

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• Exxon Corporation - Past Employment
• State Bar of Texas - Family Law Section
• The College of the State Bar of Texas
• Houston, Texas Bar Foundation – Fellow
• Houston, Texas Bar Association - Family Law


10 Rules for Winning at Divorce in Texas

1.  Talk to a divorce lawyer first - It is very important that you talk to a divorce attorney before doing anything else. Your lawyer will help you to assess your case and should thoroughly educate you on your rights, the relevant areas of divorce law, and the pre-emptive activities you should take.

2.  Gather documents/secure accounts - Be Prepared! - Although the gathering of documents and securing of financial accounts can be done after the divorce suit is filed, these activities are always easier to accomplish and less stressful on you if they are done to the extent possible before your spouse is made aware of the filing. Identify the appropriate actions in discussion with the divorce lawyer.

3.  Talk to your spouse - Once you have an idea of what is going to happen in your divorce, you are better able to talk with your spouse to identify what areas you might have agreement on and which areas will be contested. You should also be able to discuss what route is best for you (i.e, uncontested, collaborative, or contested divorce).

4.  Hire a divorce attorney you are comfortable with - both personally and financially - It is extremely important that you hire a lawyer with whom you are comfortable. Ask your lawyer about fees - not only how much he/she charges per hour but how much, generally, you should expect to spend given the issues and objectives of your case. Can you contact the lawyer after hours. Will the lawyer pledge to return your calls or e-mails the same day.

5.  Explore Mediation or Collaborative Divorce with your divorce lawyer - Mediation and Collaborative Divorce are processes used to reach agreement as to the terms of the divorce by you and your spouse with the help of trained professionals, without having a Judge decide the terms which neither party may be satisfied. Discuss the pro’s and con’s of the different alternatives with your lawyer to identify which is best for you.

6.  Be Prepared for Difficult Financial Times - Splitting one household into two almost always involves at least temporary financial difficulties and sacrifices for one or both sides. Be prepared. Have back-up funds and other resources (personal, family or friends) available or identified if possible. Identify expenditures that can be trimmed or deferred while the divorce process is ongoing.

7.  Involve a CPA - Tax consequences and property tracing can have a substantial effect on the property awarded to you in divorce. Ask your divorce lawyer for a recommendation if you do not have a professional which you are acquainted with in this area.

8.  Children? Help them Cope with Divorce! - If children are involved, take the course “Helping Children Cope with Divorce”. A listing of court approved course providers and their contact information, including web sites are available at this site by clicking on the Client Forms button, above. This course is required in many of the Texas courts prior to the granting of a divorce in which children are involved. The course helps parents understand how comments and actions on their part can have a devastating effect on their children.

9.  Collect and Prepare Financial Statements Early - Preparing financial statements for your divorce lawyer is not unlike preparing your annual taxes when you know you are not receiving a refund. Generally, the sooner and more completely the financial information can be put together, the sooner you can get to the other side of the divorce process. The forms for your “Financial Information Statement” and “Inventory and Appraisement” are available at this site by clicking on the Client Forms button, above.

10.  Be Smart - be rational (or at least try to maintain these as goals) - Going through a divorce is kind of like going through a temporary state of insanity (even for divorce lawyers who are themselves parties). Try to remember that it is only a matter of degree and that you will come out on the other side of the process and can live a happy, normal life.

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Contested Divorce, Property Division, Child Custody, Adoption Attorney, Surrogacy Adoption, Pre-Marital Agreement, Collaborative Divorce, Divorce Modification, Divorce & Relocation, Child Support Collection/Defense, Gestational Agreement, Termination of Parental Rights Texas, Marital Property Partition, Temporary Orders Hearings and Divorce Mediation in Houston